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The best of the finnish stand up comedy saves the night.

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Elf Academy tells the story of a young elf's adventures when he is reluctantly enlisted as one of Santa's hardworking elves at the famed North Pole workshop. Training under Sgt. Hail is tough but Graupel decides to stay on when he meets the alluring elf, Aurora. Along the way we meet other interesting elves such as the mean spirited Sludge, the efficient, no nonsense Bluster and Professor Berg.


There are over twenty characters in all. The main characters are:

GRAUPEL — A boy elf who grows from a carefree youngster into a brave and responsible elf. Risto Korhonen who is well known for his stage work at Tampere Theater as well as an appearance in the feature film ”Man Without A Past” by Academy Award nominated Aki Kaurismäki. His credits also include numerous TV appearances.

AURORA — A lovely elfette who is second to none in anything she sets her mind to and the voice of reason in an otherwise whacky elf world. Aurora, is played by Katariina Kuisma, a leading stage actress who also has many TV appearances to her credit.

SLUDGE — The nasty Sludge is best described as Wiley Coyote with delusions of grandeur. The mean-spirited Sludge is played by Ilari Johansson who is well known in Finland for his stand-up comedy as well as numerous film and TV appearances.

SGT. HAIL — A tough drill Sergeant whose life has been dedicated to Christmas and Christmas alone. Hail is played by Riku Suokas.

BLUSTER — Cold, calculating and efficient, he follows orders to the letter without question. Bluster is played by Rich Lyons, a very well known American stand-up comic who performs throughout Finland as well as Ireland and has many T.V. writing credits to his name.


Graupel elf

Sludge elf
Bluster elf

Aurora elf

Santa Claus

Sgt. Hail



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