The Researchers
* Dr. Lyons
* Dr. Suokas

What is P.R.I.C.K.?

Case Files

* The Loch Ness Monster
* The Ghosts of Scotland
* The Bermuda Triangle
* Bigfoot
* Cher
* Unintentional Flying Objects

The Unseen Premise

The Unseen Teaser

The Unseen Trailer

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As the other P.R.I.C.K. head, Dr. Lyons divides his time between in the field research, administrative duties and analyzing data. When asked how he manages to find time for it all in a two hour work day his reply is, “It ain’t easy.” “We were originally the New Age Metaphysical Bio Lab Agency,” Dr. Lyons recalls, “but another group already had that acronym. Unlike his counterpart, Dr. Lyons grew up in poverty. Like Dr. Suokas’, his was a family of goat herders as well, but, being centrally located in downtown Manhattan, business was scarce. Through struggle however young Richard worked his way through Memphis University selling handicrafts shaped like Elvis. “I might have made more money,” says Lyons, “had they been handicrafts of Elvis Presley rather than Elvis Costello but I was young and naïve. Anyway, I managed.” And manage he did. It was in 1987 when he delivered a dissertation entitled The Human Soul: Beyond Life, Matter and Stuff in General, an incisive look at the unseen realm. It was a manifesto which shocked the faculty since he was majoring in Economics at the time.

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