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The Unseen Premise

What do you get when you combine The X Files with The Blair Witch Project and GhostBusters? That's right; a mixture of those three things.

Brandishing fake PhD. credentials that pertain to whatever field of expertise they happen to be investigating, Dr. Riku Suokas and Dr. Rich Lyons, heads of the Paranormal Research Institute of Cenral Kensington, set off on various international adventures so that they may unravel many of the worlds great paranormal mysteries all in the name of scientific research, public education and partying on network money.

The series' opener takes the two P.R.I.C.K. heads to Scotland where they investigate… (imagine some scary, spine tingling music here) The Loch Ness Monster. Is Nessie actually a prehistoric sea serpent that somehow managed to survive millions of years in a Loch or is he just a bunch of crap that occasionally floats to the surface? (You can stop imagining the scary music now.) Your two fearless hosts will use every means at their disposal to solve the mystery of the… (scary music again) Loch Ness Monster. Even if it means interviewing every beautiful girl in Scotland, they intend to get to the “bottom” of things.

The Unseen is a weekly, half hour mock-umentary, satirizing any and all of the ever-popular paranormal subjects: Ghosts, UFO sightings, Elvis sightings, Bigfoot, The Bermuda Triangle, Noah's Ark, Cher, A search for Area 51 and A close-up study of Nostradamus' writings are but a few of the subjects to explored.

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