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As co-founder of the P aranormal R esearch I nstitute of C entral K ensington, Dr. Suokas has been highly instrumental in bringing paranormal research closer to the mainstream scientific community.  Taking on all facets of the operation, from strenuous in-the-field research to the mundane administrative work of a P.R.I.C.K. head, his work has forced even the most steadfast of skeptics to stop laughing somewhat.

Born in the rural town of Tampere in Finland young Riku swore he would seek higher education to escape the life of goat herding that twenty three generations of Suoki before him had endured.  But what discipline would capture this highly intelligent boy's imagination?

“It was late,” says Dr. Suokas, recounting an experience from when he was thirteen, “and I was lying in bed reading a men's… fashion magazine and sweating, when my door opened to reveal an apparition of my Grandma.  She was just visiting us but she looked so creepy standing there, I immediately became fascinated by the metaphysical.”

It is a fascination that has evolved into a passion lasting to this very day as the diplomas on his P.R.I.C.K. office wall will attest.  A mere thirty-three years of age, this scientific pioneer has a lifetime of work ahead to set his name down in the annals of scientific history.

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